Chelmsford Weather from CM2Weather

Forecast: Increasing clouds with little temperature change. Precipitation possible within 24 to 48 hours. Last Updated 01:45 on 13 December 2018

Yesterdays Recorded High and Low Weather Conditions

Temperature and Humidity
Maximum Temperature 8.4 °C Recorded at 18:09
Minimum Temperature 2.7 °C Recorded at 18:09
Maximum Apparent Temperature 5.8 °C Recorded at 13:58
Minimum Apparent Temperature 0.4 °C Recorded at 18:09
Lowest Windchill 2.7 °C Recorded at 18:09
Average Temperature 5.4 °C  
Temperature Range 5.7 °C
Maximum Humidity 93 Recorded at 00:00
Minimum Humidity 93 Recorded at 14:12

Temperature and Humidity data is taken from both the inside Weather console, and the External ISS Unit, and shows the Minimum Maximum and Ranges of Temperature and Humidity for Yesterday.

Barometric Pressure and Rainfall Data
Highest Barometric Pressure 1023.06 mb Recorded at 09:38
Lowest Barometric Pressure 1018.46 mb Recorded at 22:47
Total Rainfall 0.0 mm
Maximum Rainfall Rate 0.0 mm/h Recorded at 00:00
Maximum Hourly Rainfall 0.0 mm/h Recorded at 00:00

Barometric Pressure has been set-up against the Station Sea Level Pressure, The External rain bucket has been calibrated to tip each 0.2mm of rain.

Solar and UV
Maximum Solar Radiation 223wM2 Recorded at 12:59
Sun Shine Hours 4.1
Maximum UV Level 0.0 Recorded at 00:00

Solar and UV information is taken from the external ISS. The Evapotranspiration is calculated from the Solar, Temperature and Wind Data.

Wind and Gusts

Wind and Gusts
Maximum Average Wind Speed 4.1 mph Recorded At 22:54
Maximum Gust 13.0 mph Recorded At 22:55
Maximum Beaufort Scale F2 Recorded At 22:54
Dominant Direction SSE
Total Wind Run 55.1 Miles

The Wind information is taken from the anemometer showing both the speed and direction. Averages are based on 10minute intervals. Data is sampled every 3 seconds.

Showing the Current Highs and Lows Recorded from CM2Weather Yesterday

Highs and Lows of weather data recorded on 13/12/2018 last updated at 01:45 on 13 December 2018