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Chelmsford Weather from CM2Weather

Forecast: Mostly clear with little temperature change. Last Updated 08:50 on 19 January 2020

Current Conditions at 19/01/2020 08:50:00 0.6 °C Change Last hour +0.1 °C Ammount of Rain in Last Hour 0.0 mm Wind Speed 1.0 mph From NNW Gusting to 2.0 mph Pressure 1041.75 Rising

Current Weather

Temperature and Hummidity

Temp 0.6 °C
Feels Like -1.8 °C
Heat Index 0.6 °C
Inside Temp 23.2 °C
Dew Point -0.3 °C
Wind Chill 0.6 °C
Hummidity 94 %

Temperature and Humidity data is taken from both the indide Weather console, and the External ISS Unit.

Rain and Barometric Pressure

Pressure 1041.75 mb
Trend Rising
Rain Today 0.0 mm
Rain Rate 0.0 mm/hr

Barometric Pressure has been set-up against the Station Sea Level Pressure, The External rain bucket has been calibrated to tip each 0.2mm of rain.

Solar and UV

Solar  WM2
Sun Shine Hours 0.9
Is Shining 1 1 = Yes 0 = No
UV 0.0
Today's evapotranspiration. 0.00mm

Solar and UV information is taken from the external ISS. The evapotranspiration is calculated from the Solar, Temperature and Wind Data.

Wind and Gusts

Current Speed 1.0 mph
10 Minute Gust 2.0 mph
10 Minute Average 1.0 mph
Beaufort Scale F1 Light air
Direction NNW
Dominante Wind Bearing 330
Wind Run 15.8

The Wind information is taken from the annometter showing both the speed and direction. Averages are based on 10minute intervals. Data is sampled every 3 seconds.

Today's Almanac

Moonrise / Set

Moon Rise 02:25
Moon Set 12:14
Moon Phase Waning Crescent
Approximate Moon Age The Moon is currently in day 24 of it's (0-29 day cycle)

Provising Current Information on Moon Rise and Moon Set, with details of current moonphase and approximate age.

Sunrise / Set

Sun Rise 07:55
Sun Set 16:23
Daylight Hours (Dawn till Dusk) 09:44
Difference Tomorrow There will be 2min 40s more daylight tomorrow

Last sunrise time at the station - This sunrise time is calculated by a third party library each midnight UTC, and each hour Cumulus converts it to local time to ensure shown correctly before and after any clock change.

Providing Live Weather and Historic Climate Information for Chelmsford

This is a private run weather station in Chelmsford Essex that was started in Dec 2011 after a long intrest in weather and climate data. The weather station originally in use was a Oregon Scientific WRM200 Weather station, and over the years the site has been run has been upgraded as time and money allow

The 2nd Weather Station in use was an Original Davis Vantage Pro station. This was a old 2nd hand Station purchased off eBay, and had data also supplied by a 1-Wire Solar sensor. Whilst this offered good performace, the station was old, and often suffered failures with erroneous readings.

The 3rd weather station in use which is now currently supplying data to CM2Weather is the Davis Wireless Vantage Pro2 Plus with UV & Solar Radiation Sensors , and this now has the benefits of being a Wireless Station like the Original Oregon Scientific Station, and with the addition of both UV and Solar Sensors. A Daytime Fan has also been added, and has helped to improve temperature readings during the summer months when the station sits in direct sunlight.

Data from the Station is uploaded to the Website every 15 minutes. The meteorological day used at this station ends at midnight.

For Near a neartime view of the Current weather conditions in Chelmsford, please use the Navigation Menus to select the Gauges page. This will show near realtime data of Wind Speed, Temperature, Rainfall, Solar and UV readings.

Hopefully additional Weather Information we be able to be added in the near future with the re-introduction of the weather WebCam and Live Lightening Data.